Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): New Electricity Program Information

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): Our New Electricity Program

The Town of Dickinson is offering our residents and small businesses a new electricity supply option through a program called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). The Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) brought together 21 municipalities in our region to join in bulk purchasing of electricity through the CCA Program. CCA Programs focus on providing electric supply choices while continuing to rely on the delivery service and physical infrastructure of the local electric utility (NYSEG). Only residents and small businesses who currently receive their electric supply from NYSEG are automatically eligible to participate.

As a Participant in MEGA’s CCA You May:
Save money on your electric bill
Avoid sudden spikes in the price of your electricity
Have access to 100% renewable ‘green’ electricity
Stop energy telemarketers and door-to-door sales

The CCA will offer our residents and small business a fully fixed price of $0.05092/kWh for 24 months, starting in July 2019. The CCA price is lower than NYSEG’s average supply price for the previous year.

CCA Programs Provide Choices:   
Opt-Up: if you want 100% renewable electricity at a fully fixed price of $0.05692/kWh for 24 months
Opt-In: if you have another supplier and wish to switch to the CCA
Opt-Out: if you wish not to participate and to keep NYSEG as your electric supplier

Other Important Reminders
Participants are also able to leave the Program at any time during the 24 months without a penalty
The CCA Program is compatible with budget billing, community solar and rooftop solar
Customers with day/night or time-of-use rates will not be automatically included in the Program

Those who are automatically eligible to participate in the CCA Program will receive a letter
Participate in CCA
a. No need to take action if you want to participate in CCA
b. If you do not wish to participate in CCA, you can opt-out via mail, phone or online

More information can also be found in the FAQs and online at
Questions can be directed to or 518.533.5399.
MEGA, is a not-for-profit local development corporation based in Upstate New York, with two decades of successful energy aggregation programs for municipal facilities in more than 300 local jurisdictions.  

CCA Frequently asked questions for NYSEG Residents