Videoconferencing Policy

About the Board

The Town Board is Responsible for:

  • Governing the Town
  • Reviewing and approving Town budget
  • Reviewing and approving bills and payroll for payment
  • Authorizing expenditures for specific projects not otherwise budgeted
  • Approving all bids for town services and materials
  • Administering all assets and properties
  • Appointing officers, commissions, boards, and other personnel necessary to administer the Town's affairs
  • Adopting ordinances and local laws affecting the public health, safety, and welfare and providing penalties for their enforcement
  • Formulating overall Town policy

Composition of Town Board

The Town of Dickinson Town Board is composed of the Town Supervisor and 4 Town Council persons. These are all elected, part-time positions. Normally, local elections are held every two years  in November at the General Election.

The Supervisor serves a four-year term and the Council persons serve a four-year term. Two Councilperson positions are up for election every two years.


Town Board meetings are held the 1st and 2nd Monday of every month at the Town Hall.  The first Monday of each month is a Work Session, which starts at 5:30 PM.  The second Monday is a Regular Meeting, which starts at 6:00PM.  Exceptions are July, August, and September, when we are on a reduced summer schedule.

A majority of the Board members must be present in order to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the vote of each Board member upon every question is recorded in the official minutes of the meetings. An affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the Board is required for the adoption of any action, motion, or legislation.

The meetings are open to the public and include a "privilege of the floor" segment, at which time the public is invited to speak on any topic.

Prior to Town Board meeting, the agenda is available at Town Hall. Shortly after Town Board meetings, minutes of the proceedings are available from the Town Clerk and on the website.


Deputy Supervisor Danny Morabito
Planning and Zoning  Thomas Burns
Code Co-chair and Highway Sharon Exley
Finance Stephen Gardner
Highway and Code Michael Marinaccio